Teaching teenagers varies greatly from teaching adults. Our comprehensive, Yoga Alliance UK accredited yoga teacher training is one of the few specialist courses available in the UK to target the needs of the teenage population.

Designed to provide young people with a safe and trusted space for the practice of yoga and mindfulness, it is unique in its secular and relational approach that focuses on enabling and empowering both teacher and teenager.

Our specialist trainings are designed by experts in the filed and are accredited by Yoga Alliance UK.

How is this relevant?

The Accreditation of our training with the Yoga Alliance UK is a recognition of the top-quality of the teaching and content of the course. It ensures that you will receive teachings that are based on cutting-edge science in psychology and physiology. 

Yoga Alliance qualified yoga teachers are required to accumulate (currently) 8 CPD training hours per year. Our training counts towards CPD hours.

To build a career teaching teenagers at schools, this specialist certificate will put you at the top of the supplier list.

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Teen Yoga classes

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