At Teen Yoga and Mindfulness, we strive to offer a secular approach to teaching, one that can be implemented in schools and yoga studios with diverse populations. We use this approach to incorporate mindfulness in our yoga classes in a way that respects multiple faiths and beliefs. This approach sets us apart from other trainings as one of the few specialist courses available in the UK to target the needs of the teenage population. 

 In August, Veronika will teach a four day training at Special Yoga in Kensal Rise, London, covering everything from teen’s physical and psychological development, to the benefits of postures, learning sequences, and how to combine yoga with basic mindfulness.

Here’s what some of our recent trainees had to say about what they learned  at February’s teacher training:

It was useful to consider specific points in yoga where mindful awareness is particularly relevant.

I realise that I integrate mindfulness in my teaching without  knowing it! Now I have more awareness and can fine tune my teaching.

 It takes intention to weave mindfulness and yoga together, but it is very powerful.

I learned a lot about the opportunities to integrate mindfulness within a  yoga class- there is great scope for this, which is exciting!

I found a renewed confidence in my teaching abilities and trust that I can carry this through in my yoga teaching.

If you think you can benefit from the Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Teenagers, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


CAMILLE is a Masters Student at King’s College London pursuing a degree in international child studies. Her interest lies in the work with teenage girls, specifically in matters relating to self-esteem and body image.


VERONIKA is the founder of Teen Yoga & Mindfulness. She is an experienced RT500 Yoga teacherMindfulness teacher and  teacher trainer for adults and young people. She also works as a counsellor and training integrative psychotherapist.


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