Sunday July 8, 15.30-17.30pm, £14
Yoga West, www.
33-34 Westpoint, Warple Way
London W3 0RG
Phone 020 7381 1673

Relax, recharge, learn some new postures and have fun!

Yoga is a great source of calmness, joy, health and happiness. There are many ways for teenagers to benefit from the practice. Yoga can help you with concentration and focus at school; it can help you to get fit and healthy, it can help you connect with people around you, it can also help you find relief from anxiety and stress, or when you are low on energy or just a little off your centre.

This yoga for feens workshop will give you an overview of yoga, exploring how yoga can help you in your life. The workshop is aimed at people between the ages of 13 and 16.

What will we do?

The afternoon will include a mix of movement and relaxation. We will have a chat about yoga, explore the main postures, learn some flowing sequences and breathing techniques you can practice at home, play with partner exercises and leave plenty of time for relaxation and light meditation.

Bring a friend!

We provide a non-dogmatic, non-competitive and trusted space for newcomers to get started and for experienced practitioners to improve their practice.

Veronika came to yoga fifteen years ago seeking pain relief from a malformation in her back. The practice had a profound effect on her, physically and spiritually, eventually leading to her changing career. An experienced Ashtanga yoga teacher and mother of a teenage son she enjoys to inspire, support and encourage young people in their discovery of their own unique expression in life. Veronika is founder of

Have fun – challenge yourself – relax – connect – learn – enjoy

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