This spring, Camille Dodson of Teen Yoga and Mindfulness San Diego is connecting with local nonprofit organizations to bring yoga and mindfulness courses to their youth. Her ten-week program introduces teens to a yoga and mindfulness practice with research based classes. Each class builds from a theme including confidence, stress relief, trust, and balance. The Teen Yoga and Mindfulness for nonprofits curriculum includes a mindfulness exercise, the physical yoga practice, and a creative activity. Our classes offer a fun, healthy, and empowering activity that teens love.

Teen Yoga and Mindfulness for nonprofits
Teens from Girls Inc. take part in an art activity after yoga.


Our work teaching yoga and mindfulness to teenagers has proved that the benefits are undeniable and largely welcomed by the students. We are happy to have seen students feel less stressed, more confident, and better able to navigate the tumultuous teen years.

Teen Yoga and Mindfulness for nonprofits

However, there is a paradox that lies in teaching yoga. Often the groups of teens who stand to reap the most benefits are the ones who have limited or no access to the practice. With Teen Yoga and Mindfulness for nonprofits in San Diego, we are seeking to close that gap.

The San Diego chapter of Girls Inc., a organization working to empower girls, and Just in Time for Foster Youth which serves youth aging out of the foster system, are the first nonprofit organizations to jump on board. Through these collaborations, Teen Yoga and Mindfulness for nonprofits hopes to compliment their existing programs, and provide the teens with framework for managing stress and offer an outlet to deal with the often difficult circumstances they encounter.

Teen Yoga and Mindfulness for nonprofits
Camille with the staff at Just in Time for Foster Youth


Luckily, the San Diego area is no stranger to yoga, and many organizations are open to offering classes to their youth. Often, the challenge lies in getting the funding and resources to do so.  We are receptive to this challenge, and aim to work with these organizations to make our program accessible and affordable. Teen Yoga and Mindfulness for nonprofitsare authentic in our approach. It is one that comes from a true desire to help rather than to make monetary gains. We want to empower our youth, boost our community, and improve futures.

If you are a local nonprofit and are interested in bringing yoga and mindfulness to your teens, please get in touch. Email Camille at or call (603)568-0687.


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