We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Teen Yoga and Mindfulness classes in San Diego! Teen Yoga is spreading its wings and expanding to the United States. Camille Dodson, formally the Teen Yoga intern, has moved back to her native San Diego and is bringing Teen Yoga with her.



Based in Carlsbad, California in North County San Diego, we will offer  teen yoga and mindfulness classes in San Diego at after school programs, local yoga studios, clubs, and private and small group sessions.


 The Mission of Teen Yoga and Mindfulness:

To provide engaging, accessible, and inspiring yoga programs that support young people’s wellbeing and unique development.  The aim is to help young people master the challenges they meet at school and in their private lives, and to encourage a balanced lifestyle.


The benefits of yoga and mindfulness for teens:

While yoga and mindfulness are accepted for their many mental and physical health benefits, there are unique benefits that make the practice particularly useful for teenagers. Teenagers who practice yoga and mindfulness have been found to:

  • Experience improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved ability to concentrate on school work
  • Improved relationship to their body and body image
  • Development of healthy, supportive relationships with yoga classmates
  • Ability to manage stress and relieve physical and mental stress symptoms
  • Improved overall health and positive outlook

I’d never experienced yoga before and it felt really good afterwards. I went home and I was so relaxed. And I love the last part where we all lie down, relax, take your mind off the stress and it’s really good.

See a complete list of the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for teenagers here.





What Teen Yoga and Mindfulness has to offer:

Our main focus is on tailoring the class to student’s needs and abilities. We provide a trusted space to unwind, recharge, learn new skills, and improve fitness. Classes are usually 50 minutes and include a mix of dynamic movements as well as restorative elements, meditation and relaxation. You can see a basic class structure here »

We have flexible curriculums that can encompass anything from a one-time class, up to a 10-week reoccurring program. We can cater to your needs and focus on delivering a program that benefits your teens. Typically classes are held in the gym but any room with enough free floor space can be used.


We are so happy to offer our Teen Yoga and Mindfulness classes in San Diego area, where yoga and mindfulness are widely practiced and accepted. We can’t wait to start spreading our message and getting more local teens involved!

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining a Teen Yoga and Mindfulness class, or if you like to bring our program to your organization, please email camille@teen-yoga.com.


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