Teaching teenagers varies greatly from teaching adults. The teenage body is in constant transition and so is the teenage brain. This impacts on the emotional, psychological and social life of a teenager making the whole business of adolescence a much more complex task than visible from the outside.

Those of us who are around teenagers know all to well about the challenges involved in this process. Learning to teach teenagers is, thus, a more complex task than one would anticipate. It involves among other thinking about

  • psychological development
  • anatomy and physiological development
  • thinking about postures and sequences
  • considering emotional and social implications

Learning to teach yoga and mindfulness means for us to revisit our own teenage years. By getting in touch with our own inner teenager we may touch upon our own past hopes and fears along the way of figuring out who we are and who we want to be in the world. In turn this enables us to tap into greater potential for empathy, which allows us to support young people more successfully.

Our trainings have been designed with great care and attention to bringing together cutting-edge science with extensive experience in the field to tailor programs that not only attract but also support young people in becoming successful, happy and healthy adults. It is taught by experts in the field who share a passion for supporting the development of teenagers.[divider_padding]


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The training is developed and taught by Veronika Kloucek, who shares her experience having worked with young people as a yoga & mindfulness teacher and counsellor at NSPCC Childline. Veronika is the founder and director of Teen Yoga & Mindfulness. A Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer with Yoga Alliance UK, she has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1998 and teaching teens at secondary schools as well as private and corporate clients for the past nine years. She also teaches Mindfulness courses and works as a counsellor & psychotherapist whilst studying for a Masters degree in integrative counselling & psychotherapy.

[picture_frame source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2406″ align=”left”]Anatomy & Physiology

Dr. Andrew McGonigle enriches the course with a fun and insightful expert lecture on anatomy and physiology. After originally training to become a doctor, Andrew moved away from western medicine to pursue a career as a yoga teacher, via a three-year stint in fashion working for Paul Smith. Based in London, Andrew regularly teaches Ashtanga yoga and works behind the scenes at Triyoga studio. Andrew is a trained massage therapist and teaches anatomy and physiology on Yoga Teacher Training courses.


Teacher Training: Teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to Teens

This Yoga Alliance accredited, comprehensive yoga teacher training is one of the few specialist courses available in the UK to target the needs of the teenage population. It is unique in its secular and relational approach that focuses on enabling and empowering both teacher and teenager to provide a safe and trusted space for young people to explore yoga and mindfulness. A training course in cooperation with Special Yoga.

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TYMTT-1-Yoga for Teens



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