I am Camille. I have been working with Teen Yoga and Mindfulness for the past three months while studying at Kings College London. When teaching yoga to teenagers at a summer camp, I felt so inspired by my experience that I decided to pursue a Master’s degree degree in International Child Studies with the hope of working with young people. For my dissertation, I am currently conducting a research project on the effects of yoga and mindfulness on teenage girls.

I am looking for 16-18 year old girls to take part in my study!

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  • You are a 16 to 18 year old girl
  • You have taken or are currently attending one of the Teen Yoga & Mindfulness courses with Veronika
  • You are happy to be interviewed for about 1.5 hrs by me about your experience.
  • No names will be used in the study, so all conversations will be confidential.


These interviews are key in supporting my research. They will improve the overall understanding of yoga’s effects on teens in academic literature. My research project is supported by Kings College, and if successful, my dissertation could be published.

If you feel you would like to be part of this project, please email camille@teen-yoga.com or speak to Veronika in class.

Thank you so much!

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