I am a firm believer that we cannot fully love another person, until we truly love ourselves. So, I encourage everyone to dedicate this valentines day to themselves. Show yourself the love and attention that you deserve, but likely often neglect to deliver. Find out what makes you happy, and what wonderful qualities you have to share with the world. Each of us has a  potential to bring great things to those around us, and I think that’s worth taking dedicating a whole day to!


Listen to what your body is asking for, and respond

If you’re anything like me, you can go through an entire week on autopilot, working, eating, rushing, and trying to cater to all of the roles that you take on. By Friday, I feel exhausted, both psychically and mentally. I have to remind myself to turn on my yoga and mindfulness brain and listen to my body. So, here’s your challenge: sit quietly for five minutes, breathing deeply. Pay attention to how each body part feels, which ones are strained or overworked? Whatever it is that your body says, answer it. If legs feel tight, stretch them, if you’re stomach craves chocolate, indulge it.  Our bodies are much smarter than we give them credit for, and if we just take time to listen, they will tell us just what we need to do to get back on track.

Offer yourself praise and tune into your potential 

All of us work hard, and all of us deserve recognition for our achievements. Sometimes, a task can have no reward or pronounced end, like going to school every day, or helping around the house. Spend some time thinking about the small goals that you achieve every day, and celebrate them! Be proud of the dedication and perseverance that you bring to each aspect of your life. Sometimes we seek verification and encouragement from others that we’re doing a good job, but I think it’s just as important to offer ourselves this praise. When we engage in tasks to make ourselves proud, and to reach our own potential, it becomes less important to seek the approval of others, and we come in tune with what’s truly important to us!


Do what you love

It seems like this should be a given, but the reality is that so many of us spend time doing the things that we’re supposed to do, that we don’t leave time for the things that we want to do. I’m guilty of thinking “I don’t have time to practice yoga today”. The truth is, that we can always make time for the important things. Better yet, I find that when I give myself a break and do something that I truly enjoy, I can return to my other responsibilities with focus and clarity.

Spread the love

If you’re feeling lonely today, odds are you’re not the only one. Love isn’t just to be shared with a romantic partner, it is in each relationship we have, be it with our friends,  family, or our pets. Remind all of the people in your life how much you love them, and I’m willing to bet, they’ll do the same in return. Hopefully, you’ll realize what it is that your loved ones value about their relationship with you, and what makes you so special!

CAMILLE is a Masters Student at King’s College London pursuing a degree in international child studies. Her interest lies in the work with teenage girls, specifically in matters relating to self-esteem and body image.


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