In 2014 we wanted to know how we are doing with our courses. We conducted a qualitative research study asking our students for feedback on our yoga & mindfulness courses. From the 70 female students in Year 11 & 12  who had signed up and participated in five courses that ran weekly over a full term, 100% participated in this evaluation.

The sessions took place in a dedicated room at the school and appropriate equipment (mats) was provided. The school was encouraging of students to participate in the courses supporting it by embedding it in the time table. We ran PE-classes for Y11 and After School activity for Y12.


For 72% of the students this was their first experience of yoga & mindfulness.




With regards to the activities offered, Relaxation and Meditation were the most popular (both 97%). With regards to different approaches and styles to yoga, half of the pupils preferred dynamic sequences whilst half preferred slow paced postures. Work with partners was appreciated by 50% of Year 11 students and least popular was circle work.




Asked about how they benefit from yoga & mindfulness, 95% of the pupils felt that the sessions helped them improve concentration. 92% felt they had learned to better cope with stress. 86% felt that attending the yoga & mindfulness classes helped them in cultivating a more kind and caring attitude towards themselves and 84% found that it helped them in dealing with challenges. 78% felt they had gained self-confidence and 76% found help in coping with anxiety and nervousness. 65% found a benefit in decision making.




Asked about what they have improved in, 97% of the pupils felt that yoga & mindfulness classes increased their ability to relax. 95% felt they had improved physical flexibility. 92% found improvement in their body posture and the management of their energy levels. 89% had build up physical strength and balancing skills.




Asked to mark their yoga & mindfulness teacher, 92% of the students awarded A* and 5% A.





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