Amazing Exercises for Burning The Most Calories

You might find it hard to lose weight by spending a considerable amount of time in the gym due to busy schedules. The best way to keep fit would thus be by looking at the kind of exercise which burn out the most calories within the shortest time. Below, we let you know the exercises which will help you achieve your fitness goal within the shortest time:

Tabata Training

Tabata training features in our selection due to its simplicity and fast efficiency. The exercise involves taking 20 minutes of intense workout followed by a recovery period of 10 minutes. Repeat the exercise for eight times. Among the exercises that you can try out include push-ups, crunches, and squats. The exercise might seem easy at first, but as you get closer to finishing the eighth round, you will be sweating all over, and your muscles will be steaming with fire. You can burn about 15 calories per minute in a Tabata training. Due to the physical exhaustion associated with the exercise, this workout usually lasts between 20 to 30 minutes.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a comprehensive workout since every muscle in your body contracts and relaxes during the exercise. You can feel this from your fingertips through to the back, and even your toes are it indoors on a wall or out in the sun. The leg and back muscles benefit more from this exercise since they are in charge of propulsion on your way up the challenge. A thirty-minute rock climbing session can help you burn 409 calories. Calorie loss is determined by how challenging a route is and your pace.


Swimming exercises the whole of your body. Your abdominal muscles contract and relax, legs kick and the arms stroke to help keep afloat. It is important to note that calorie burning is dependent on the choice of your strokes. The butterfly stroke is the most effective when it comes to calorie burning, with a thirty-minute swim contributing to a loss of 409 calories. You would lose 372 calories while swimming on a breaststroke. In addition to stroke type, calorie burning is also influenced by the swimming environment. For instance, you will burn more calories when swimming in the ocean due to the action of the currents.

Bike Riding

Bike riding is among the best exercise to burn more calories since most of your muscle fibers are put to work. What’s more, you can exercise individually or in a group which can be so fun making you want to repeat the experience. Muscles are energy consuming which burns more calories within a short time. When running on an inclined surface, you expend more energy compared to on a flat surface: an increase of about 10%. It is estimated that your body loses about 568-841 calories/hour during bike riding.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope might have been effortless when you were growing up but trying it now will prove to be a tough task. You will find it hard to sustain a jumping rope for a few minutes at a time. Break the exercise into short spans separated by one or two minute jogs. Jumping rope provides a similar effect on burning calories as running. A thirty-minute jump burns 372 calories.


Rowing finds its way in our list due to exercising large masses of muscles in the legs, shoulders, and the back. Rowing exercises nine major muscle groups. These include the biceps, glutes, lats, core, shoulders, triceps, back, quads, and the hamstring. Calorie burning rate increases with the increase in rowing intensity and the conditions under which you are rowing. For instance, rowing on a windy day on a lake is more tasking compared to when it is calm or on an ergometer. Rowing burns up to 713 calories in an hour.


A burpee is a whole-body workout that involves squatting down, assuming a push-up position, kicking out your feet while on the position, doing a push-up, jumping to touch your hands using your feet, making a jump into the air and clasping your hands the head. Burpees have all the principles of a high-calorie burn including full-body muscle recruitment, intensity, and resistance. A thirty-minute burpee exercise can burn 298 calories. What is more, burpees can be incorporated with other exercises such as jumping rope and jogging.