About us

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
– Ghandi

Founded in 2011, Teen Yoga & Mindfulness is a specialised teacher agency providing schools with engaging, accessible and inspiring yoga & mindfulness courses as well as London’s leading Yoga Alliance UK accrediting training provider for those who wish to learn how to teach mindful yoga to young people.

Our aim is to support young people’s wellbeing and physical & mental health. We hold a non-judgmental and safe space for students of all abilities and backgrounds helping teenagers to master the challenges they meet at school and outside and to encourage a balanced lifestyle. Furthering personal development and academic achievement, our courses and trainings take a unique relational approach to empower both teenager and teacher. Our secular teaching makes yoga & mindfulness accessible for students form a diverse cultural background. 

Teen Yoga & Mindfulness is committed to making yoga and mindfulness an integrated part of education by providing secondary schools with specialised teachers and teacher training courses.