Sometimes, you just need a yoga break. In the middle of a long a busy day, it’s hard to find the time or space to practice yoga, but it can be just the thing you need to energize and refocus your attention.

Thankfully, many yoga poses can be done anywhere, and some are very discreet. So go ahead and find your zen where ever you are, in class, at work, or even walking down a busy street!


1. Mountain Pose

Perhaps the most discrete pose, all that you need is a surface to stand on! With your hands at your side, stand with your heels and big toes touching. Engage your thighs so you’re pulling up your knees. Relax your shoulders down your back while extending the crown of your head to the sky. Close your eyes for a few moments and reconnect with your body. This pose is great for improving your posture, especially if you’ve been sitting all day. And, with your eyes closed, it can be your nice little escape from reality, if only for a minute or two!

2. Seated Twist

There are so many variations of a seated twist, all offering great benefits! You don’t need to sit on the floor for this one, you can do it from your desk!  Simply hold on to the back of your chair with both hands and turn your torso to one side. As you inhale, fill your body with air and extend upwards. With your exhale, try to twist a bit more. Repeat on the other side. Twists have amazing cleansing benefits for your digestive tract, so try this one after lunch!

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 2.39.15 PM


3. Standing Forward Bend

If you sit in front of a computer all day, it’s very easy to get headaches. Standing forward bends help relieve headaches, and stress! You might not want to do this one in the middle of your office or classroom, but maybe you can find a space to hang for a minute or two. From mountain pose, simply fold forward, letting your head and neck relax, and arms hang freely, bend your knees if it’s more comfortable for you. You can shake your head from side to side to stretch out your neck. Just relax and find a little calm here.

 standing forward bend

4. Fire Log Pose

In this seated pose, stack your legs on top of each other so that your shins run parallel to each other. If that is too challenging, simply sit with your legs crossed. I find myself doing this a lot while I sit at my desk at home,  while I eat lunch, and  yes even while sitting in class. It’s a nice little stretch for my hips and legs. It also helps relieve tension from the lower back.



So, there you have it, little ways to bring yoga to you, wherever you are! If you have any more ideas for doing yoga on the go, we’d love to hear from you!

CAMILLE is a Masters Student at King’s College London pursuing a degree in international child studies. Her interest lies in the work with teenage girls, specifically in matters relating to self-esteem and body image.

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