Specialise in teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to Young People

5-day advanced Teacher Training
June 28 - July 2, 2017 at Special Yoga Foundation
This unique, experiential 5-day yoga teacher training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to confidently teach combined Yoga and Mindfulness to young people from 13 to 19 years. Learn about psychological and physiological development based on current research, discuss principles of postural alignment, explore partner work and basic sequences, take a look at a mindful approach to yoga, explore issues of diversity and challenging behaviour, cultivate your compassion, and gain hands-on teaching experience. Build on the knowledge and skills you already have and gain new understanding and experiences that in turn will enrich your teaching. This yoga teacher training course is an invitation to learn from your relationship to teenagers.
£509 early bird.
£599 after 28 April 2017

Yoga Alliance accredited Training

Teaching yoga and mindfulness to teenagers is an opportunity to share the joy and benefits of these practices as well as a great responsibility. This comprehensive YAP accredited yoga teacher training is one of the few specialist courses available in the UK to target the needs of the teenage population. It is unique in its secular and relational approach that focuses on enabling and empowering both teacher and teenager. This training is organised by Special Yoga.
Expert Lectures
Exercises & Discussion
Skills Practice

Course Aims

This yoga teacher training course aims to enable you to confidently guide young people from all faiths and cultural backgrounds in secondary schools at KS3, KS4 and KS5 in building physical, emotional and mental strength and flexibility. You will deepen your understanding of this age group and yourself in the teaching relationship, as well as obtain handy tips such as lesson plans and behaviour management.
  • Knowledge about physiological and psychological development based on cutting-edge research
  • Skills that enrich your yoga teaching in a diverse multicultural, multi-faith urban environment tailored to the age group 13-19 Techniques for managing the yoga classroom and challenging behaviour
  • Tools to address common issues such as exam stress, relaxation, self-esteem and confidence
  • Expert Information about Safeguarding, Child Protection, Domestic Violence and Mental Health Issues as they pertain to teaching yoga and mindfulness in schools
  • Experience in sequencing and hands-on teaching practice
By the end of this training you will feel equipped and ready to deliver mindful yoga classes to teenagers.

What trainees say:


This intensive is a unique blend of contemporary research and perennial wisdom. Drawing on cutting-edge findings in neurobiology and evidence-based psychology, it looks at how yoga and mindfulness can foster healthy physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people. We use a secular and relational approach enables and empowers both, teacher and teenager.
Discussing the philosophical underpinnings behind yoga and mindfulness, we will cultivate our compassion and explore secular ways of conveying these values in class.
With a focus on the teenage years we will look at anatomy and physiology and discuss foundational postures, basic sequences, partner and circle work, breath work and simple mindfulness techniques.
Considering the challenges of teaching teens in urban school settings we will explore how we can address best group dynamics arising from diversity such as gender, age, ability, ethnicity, mental health and behavioural issues.
We will explore ways of supporting teens in coping better with stress and worries, and look at classroom and behaviour management in dealing with difficulties. This course focusses on teaching in a mainstream environment such as state schools, independent schools and yoga studios.
This 40-hour training is accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Together with your existing Yoga Teacher qualification this Award of Training will qualify you to teach teenagers at schools and in others settings provided you fulfil insurance and DBS requirements.

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The training is developed and taught by Veronika Kloucek, who shares her experience having worked with young people as a yoga & mindfulness teacher and counsellor at NSPCC Childline. She is supported by a team of experts in the fields of education, child psychotherapy, mental health and physiology.
Veronika Kloucek
Veronika Kloucek

Course Leader

YAP Senior Yoga teacher & teacher trainer, Mindfulness facilitator, Integrative counsellor & psychotherapist  

    Caroline McDonough
    Caroline McDonough


    YAP certified Yoga teacher & Teen Yoga Teacher, experienced secondary school teacher, YAUK accredited Yoga teacher


      This training is geared primarily for yoga teachers and trainee yoga teachers who wish to teach teenagers in secondary schools, studios or private settings. We also accept other professionals, for example secondary school teachers​ and mental health professionals, who are
      • ​working with teens
      • and have an established regular yoga practice for a minimum of two years (or 500 hours).
      If do not hold a professional yoga teacher qualification you will need to email us a reference from your yoga teacher confirming the hours, frequency and style of your yoga practice. Please note, this CPD training will not qualify you as Yoga teacher or Mindfulness teacher (minimum training hours are 200hr).  


      This training is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals and in order to receive acknowledgment of completion of training you will be required to
      • Complete the pre-course reading (resources provided upon signup, 1-2hrs)
      • Attend the full 5-day training (min 40 hours)
      • Observe 5 teen yoga & mindfulness classes after attending training
      • Deliver 3 training classes and this can be to family or friends
      • Complete a written reflection on the learned material (up to 1000 words)
      We provide a warm and safe learning environment to encourage you to experiment with new skills. We will support you in developing your skills and assess your learning process on an ongoing basis as well as conduct a formal teaching assessment on the final day.
      Unit 7, Portobello Dock, 557 Harrow Road London W10 4RH